About us


Since 1974, in Ikonomou Bros - Gasklima & Co, we supply Greek and Cypriot market with the most modern heating and air conditioning systems, offering an ideal climate in winter and summer, with emphasis on the quality of the climate, the excellent adaptation to the environment of the space, the immediate efficiency and the low consumption.

Decades of experience in the real heating and air conditioning needs of our country, allows us to offer complete heating and air conditioning systems, the study and installation of which are undertaken by our specialized engineers and installers.

In direct cooperation with the production factories and our partners, we satisfy the needs for heating and air conditioning, providing officially guaranteed result, uninterrupted satisfactory operation and efficiency, with high quality of construction and installation, at a reasonable cost.

We take care of constant presence in exhibitions and presentations, for the information of engineers and manufacturers in their own area, presenting our systems designed in their own constructions and for group information through chambers of each city.

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